What People Say About Us

My name is Oluwatobiloba Kuye, I’m a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology(LAUTECH) Ogbomosho, Oyo State, 300 level student, studying Science and Laboratory Technology(S.L.T).
I am one of the beneficiaries of S.A.S Foundation and I want to seize this opportunity to thank the Founder of this Foundation for sponsoring my educational career by paying for my school fees, house rent and monthly stipends. I pray that God in his infinite mercy will continue to bless the Founder. God bless Nigeria, God bless Ogun State, God bless S.A.S Foundation.

My name is Adegoke Shukurat Adebimpe, I’m a student of Tai Solarin University of Education(Tasued), Adult Education Department and a 200 Level Student.
I knew about S.A.S Foundation from my uncle who told me about this Organization which has been helping people in their needs. He told me to try and be a member of the Foundation maybe luck can smile on me because I lost my parents some years back and I wish to further my educational career. I went to the meeting to register as a member when I met the Founder. I told him all my worries and he gave me a Scholarship. I want to say a very big thank you to S.A.S Foundation for paying my Tuition fees, house rent and monthly allowance. I pray to God to continue to bless the Founder of this Foundation and I pledge to you that I will be a good product to you and I will make S.A.S Foundation to be proud of me. Thank you

Adegoke Shukurat Adebimpe Student Student of Tai Solarin University

My name is Mariam Sulaiman and I reside in No.56,Aiyegbami,Gbadebo street, Sagamu, Ogun State.
I have known the Founder of this Foundation for some years back before the birth of S.A.S Foundation. I have benefitted immensely from the Founder and after the birth of S.A.S Foundation. After the demise of my daughter some few years back, the Founder of S.A.S Foundation had been catering for the feeding, schooling and clothing of the children she left behind and after I got an accident some years back which I could no longer walk, he came to my rescue by paying for the medical bills and also paid for all the drugs I have been using up till date and he also put me on a monthly stipends and provisions.
I want to thank him and his Foundation for what he has been doing to touch the lives of people. May God continue to bless him beyond his imagination.

My name is Mutiat Abass and I reside in ijagba Street, Sagamu, Ogun State.
I heard about S.A.S Foundation from a friend who is a member of the Foundation. I asked her so many things about the Foundation which she told me that it is a Non-Governmental and Non-Political Organization and this prompt me to join the Foundation.
Immediately I joined the Organization, I had the opportunity to meet the Founder in person of Engr. Adeola Sosanwo and I told him about how difficult it was for me to pay for my twins(Taiwo Abass and Kehinde Abass) school fees. He told me to stay calm that he will send some of his committee members to see to it. The Committee members went to the School of my children (Sagamu High School) to ask about them. After they did their findings, they report to the Director of S.A.S Foundation(Engr. Adeola Sosanwo) who released the cash on behalf of S.A.S Foundation to go and pay for their school fees and also place them on Scholarship. I want to use this medium to thank S.A.S Foundation for helping me in this hardship period. Thank you S.A.S Foundation.

Mutiat Abass, School Fees and Scholarship Mutiat Abass

My name is Joseph Olayinka and I reside in Sabo, Sagamu Area (Zone 5), Sagamu, Ogun State.
I joined S.A.S Foundation around November 2017 after the demise of my husband and since then I have been unable to cater for my new born baby and to pa for house rent. My situation was discussed with the Founder and immediately he ordered some of his S.A.S Team to do some findings about what I am passing through which they told him how things have been difficult for me.
Ever since then, S.A.S Foundation have been paying for my house rent, monthly stipends and also monthly provisions for me and my new born baby. I pray that God will continue to bless S.A.S Foundation.

Joseph Olayinka Joseph Olayinka Joseph Olayinka, House Rent, Nonthly Stipends

My name is Afolashade Derin and I reside in Aiyetoro Village, Makun, Sagamu. I joined S.A.S Foundation February 2018 after some of our people in our village told us about this Foundation which has been helping the needy in their various needs. Though the Zone Meeting of S.A.S Foundation usually holds in our village which I went once but fortunately the General Meeting of S.A.S Foundation was held which I went and I was part of the new members from my village that the Founder decided to meet. I told him I just had my Freedom after being a Fashion Designing Apprentice and am in dire need of Sewing Machine. He ordered his S.A.S Foundation Team to go and give me two(2) New Sewing Machines from the store as an empowerment for me which I was dumbfounded. I want to use this medium to thank him for everything he has been doing through the Foundation not just for me alone but for those who have benefitted immensely from him and those who will still benefit in one way or the other. Thank you S.A.S Foundation.

Afolashade Derin Afolashade Derin Afolashade Derin, New Sewing Machines